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Secure yourself a top-design, developer and marketing team that continuously generates you leads with scalable online-strategies.

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Typical Problems as a
Tech-B2B 😔

My orders only come from my network, and I'm not growing anymore...
I'm afraid of fake self-employment accusation, but I don't have time to acquire more clients...
I sell my working hours instead of my expertise and feel exploited...
I don't know who my clients are. I accept everything that comes my way...
Although I'm self-employed, I can't decide for myself when and what I do...

Here is what you get with us 🚀

Our Workflow for
More Online Leads ⚙️

Google Meet Workshop with Dmitry Dugarev
Week 1
Strategy Workshop In a workshop, we will work together to define your goals and develop a strategy that helps you reach your target audience and generate more leads. Google Meet Logo Figma Logo Book for Free Now
Prototype Development in Figma
Week 2
Design & Content Creation We create an interactive prototype of your website so you can test the design and functionality even before it's developed. Figma Logo Photoshop Logo Illustrator Logo Realize Your Vision Now
Development in VSCode
Week 3
Development & Testing We develop your website with modern web technologies down to the pixel. Then it is tested, security-checked, and published. Typescript Logo React Logo Svelte Logo Node Logo Wordpress Logo AWS Logo Start Your Project Now
Analysis in Yandex Metrica
After Launch
Analysis & Optimization After launching your website, we analyze its performance and continuously optimize it for search engines until you receive your first leads. Yandex Metrika Logo Google Analytics Logo Become Data-Driven Now

Overview of our Services 🚚

With your vision and our suitable tools, we find the ideal solution for every challenge.

What our clients
tell about us 💬

INDI-MELT CEO Norman Kauss
Musnuss™ mastered our conference branding - logo, business cards, flyers, impressive landing page - perfect for client and investor presentations.
Game-Sity Owner Ruslan Yakubov
Musnuss™ created our online shop, which sells organically and without advertising. The unique design sets us apart, and we appreciate the website's security. Thank you!
Main-Ginko Hallex Partnership Managing Partner Florian Hallex
Thanks to Musnuss™ professional landing page, we are present online. Prospects get informed directly and send inquiries via a modern booking form. Top!

We set on fast loading 💨
and security 🔒

We take care of the security of your website, so your reputation and your customers are protected.

We develop without third-party plugins and templates We physically separate the admin console and visible content We only install what's necessary on the servers
Page load time1
Customer retention
Business Resilience
Bounce Rate
1 Last tested for indi-melt.com desktop version developed by Musnuss™ and WordPress website gocomo.io desktop version on Google Lighthouse on October 2, 2023. 2 A comparison of WordPress website templates and code-based solutions like at Musnuss™ can be found in our blog article "Code-based Solutions vs. WordPress Templates".

Win-Win for You
and for the Planet 🌏

We develop efficient websites that consume less energy, thereby reducing the digital carbon footprint.

72% Reduced energy consumption due to shorter server activity1.
80% Less CO2 emissions than an average website3.
<0.15g CO2 emissions per page view produced by our websites3.
Usage of sustainable energy4 We use service providers for our services that use sustainable energy to power their data centers. This reduces the carbon footprint of your website. Usage of sustainable energy<sup><small>4</small></sup>
Green Image Show your customers that you are environmentally conscious. A fast and efficient website is a visible sign of your commitment to the planet. Green Image
3Last tested for musnuss.io/services on websitecarbon on October 2, 2023. 4Find out more in Cloudflare Impact Report

Any questions? 🤔

Are you uncertain about prices or processes? Here you'll find the most important information about our services at a glance.

At Musnuss™, we place a strong emphasis on not producing meaningless websites. We use a combination of creative flair and data-driven strategy to deliver results. Our focus is not just on generating traffic but on attracting the right audience that converts into loyal customers. Additionally, we highlight your commitment to the environment and ensure that your digital presence remains secure.

The duration depends on the complexity and specific requirements of your project. After discussing all the details, we can provide you with an accurate timeframe. On average, a project takes between 4 and 8 weeks.

We keep you informed throughout the entire development process, providing regular updates and reviews so you can track the progress of your website. We start by creating an interactive prototype of your website. Once design and functionality are aligned with your preferences, we begin the development. During development, you can inquire about the status of your website at any time. Once the website is ready, you'll receive a link to a test version for your review. After you approve the website, it will be launched.

Yes, we provide support after the launch of your website to ensure everything runs smoothly and any issues or questions are addressed promptly. We also offer maintenance and support packages to ensure your website is always up to date and performing optimally. In the first year after the website's launch, we offer free support. After that, you can choose one of our maintenance and support packages.

We are committed to offering effective digital marketing solutions for everyone. If you have concerns about the initial costs, we are open to discussing alternative payment methods. In certain cases, we can offer our services to be initially free with an agreement to receive a commission from sales generated through the website. Our goal is to work with you and find a solution that works for both parties.

Yes, all websites we develop are designed to be easy to manage. We also provide training to show you how to update and manage your website. However, if you don't have the time or expertise, we also offer maintenance and support packages to manage your website for you.

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November 2023
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